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Crop & Soil Sciences

Agronomy Graduate Student Association

Picture of AGSA in front of Miller Plant Sciences Building.


Welcome back for the Fall 2014 semester everyone! AGSA is ready to hold regular meetings and events again now that field season is over and classes are back in session. We would like to welcome all new members to the department and encourage them to come get to know us all.

The first meeting of the year will be sometime next week. Stay tuned for the exact time as they will be posted here and through the AGSA-listserv.


Also, check out the events page for more info on events occuring this semester.


And we're still so proud of our graduating members from Spring 2014:

Lisa Baxter

Brian Blanchett

Katie Payne

Chase Straw


Good work on finishing up your studies and thesis/dissertation! We didn't forget about you guys.


Scholarship Datasheet :

The NSF-GRFP solicitation has just been published and the application period is open. All first year graduate students, please investigate. This is an amazing scholarship you can only apply for during your first semester. The deadline for our field appears to be Monday October 4th! E-mail the webmaster if you'd like to see a decent application that did not get funded with comments. It might help you!


If any of you out there are preparing scholarship applications and think others may benefit from your awareness then send us the info. We are trying to put together a resource page for all AGSA members about yearly scholarship opportunities. Send all information to Thanks!


Photo Gallery :

Please send us ( any pictures of your lab group, field work, lab work, or anything related to your life as an agronomy graduate student as we are putting together a photo gallery. Thanks!


Shirt and Hat Sale : We now have the famous Crop & Soil Sciences t-shirts, polos, and hats available for sale. Order information can be found on the AGSA Events page. Get yours today!

Have any comments or suggestions for the rest of the semester? Send them to our Web master-


Check out the AGSA calendar of events for the fall semester.

Message from the AGSA President

Welcome to the Agronomy Graduate Student Association (AGSA) Web page. The AGSA is a representative organization of graduate students within the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at the University of Georgia. Here you can find information about our graduate program, ongoing research, and potential opportunities for new and current graduate students in the department.

Feel free to contact the Web master or AGSA president for suggestions for improving the Web site. Current graduate students and faculty are also encouraged to submit photos of research work or other departmental events for use on the Web site. Best of luck for the semester!


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